ICH BIN VIELE (the little mermaid)


“Undine, Loreley, Homer’s Sirenen, Arielle – the woman with the fish tail has swum through our myths for centuries. In a mixture of performance, pop-concert and object theater Koikate examines images of fish, women and the scaly abyss of societal gender, body and identity models. What expectations have established themselves in our minds, and which ones have registered themselves in our bodies? And just how sexy can a fish tail be when something crucial is missing down there?”


BY Sebastian K. König, Max von Morgen, Lisa Scheibner, Lea Walloschke SOUND The Fan, Julia Branzel, Wolfgang Zamastil COMPANY MANAGEMENT Lena van Ginkel


VIDEO KOIKATE feat. ACTING Lisa Scheibner MAKE-UP Adriana Metzlaff SOUND Thomas Press CAMERA Merle Jothe


Trailer here: Seawitch



May 29/30/31, 20 pm, Sophiensaele Berlin


More information and tickets: www.sophiensaele.com



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