Rosemarie – the trailer!

During the revival of Sonya Schönbergers Production Rosemarie this autumn Phillip Hohenwarter shot a beautiful trailer! Pure contemplation: trailer rosemarie

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Corn in Germany and Other Galaxies

© Jule Sievert


Performances 12.-15. May 2015, 9 pm


At Ballhaus Naunynstraße. With English surtitles.

Tickets (14/8€): (030) 754 537 25 or online.


Text Olivia Wenzel | Directed by Atif Mohammed Nor Hussein | Stage Petra Korink | Dramaturgy Katja Wenzel, Nora Haakh | With Asad Schwarz-Msesilamba, Dela Dabulamanzi, Theo Plakoudakis, Lisa Scheibner, Toks Körner, Isabelle Redfern, Atilla Oener


“This is the story of an adolescent in East Germany. It is Noah’s story. His father George leaves the family shortly after Noah is born. He returns to Angola, where he was once born. In Noah’s story, George is the absent father. However, it is not Noah yearning for him but his mother Susanne. And Susanne never yearns for her son.

Mais in Deutschland und anderen Galaxien/Corn in Germany and Other Galaxies is also the story of Noah’s mother Susanne. She was born in East Germany and is misunderstood early on. Consequently she revolts against everyone and everything – against her parents, against the state, against motherhood. Mais in Deutschland und anderen Galaxien is a fairy tale and a comic, repeatedly invaded by reality.”

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Exporting War



Concept/Direction: Hans-Werner Kroesinger

With: Judica Albrecht, Katrin Kaspar, Lisa Scheibner, Lajos Talamonti, Armin Wieser


Premiere: 3.12.2014, 8pm

More shows 4.12.-20.12.2014 (finished)

Further information: HAU


 ”Run and you’ll only die tired.” 

-T-Shirt in honour of the predator-drone


“For 200 years now, in a small village in the Black Forest, weapons have been produced and exported all over the world. A success story from Mauser to Heckler&Koch. Exporting War is a piece about the market in weapons, a trade that decides conflicts, promotes crises, stokes up or ends wars. What are the common interests that link industry, science, politics, and sales markets? Which weapon systems are required by the new asymmetrical wars? Along with the performances, there will also be a talk with experts from politics and the media.”


After FRONTex SECURITY, Hans-Werner Kroesinger now continues his research on the European arms and security industry with Exporting War.”

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ICH BIN VIELE (the little mermaid)


“Undine, Loreley, Homer’s Sirenen, Arielle – the woman with the fish tail has swum through our myths for centuries. In a mixture of performance, pop-concert and object theater Koikate examines images of fish, women and the scaly abyss of societal gender, body and identity models. What expectations have established themselves in our minds, and which ones have registered themselves in our bodies? And just how sexy can a fish tail be when something crucial is missing down there?”


BY Sebastian K. König, Max von Morgen, Lisa Scheibner, Lea Walloschke SOUND The Fan, Julia Branzel, Wolfgang Zamastil COMPANY MANAGEMENT Lena van Ginkel


VIDEO KOIKATE feat. ACTING Lisa Scheibner MAKE-UP Adriana Metzlaff SOUND Thomas Press CAMERA Merle Jothe


Trailer here: Seawitch



May 29/30/31, 20 pm, Sophiensaele Berlin


More information and tickets:



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Romeo and Juliet


World’s most famous love-story in Theater Fata Morgana’s Version for youngsters from 12+


With: Martin Brücker, Thomas Esser, Hartmut Fiegen, Lisa Scheibner | Directed by: Karl-Heinz Ahlers


Performances in Hallenbad/Theater Wolfsburg


May 13 2014 10 am/2 pm

May 14 2014 10 am/2 pm

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